Thierry Lhermitte puts an end to the rumor and formally denies it.

No, the former Splendid does not have prosopagnosia, a face recognition disorder.

The fact that the actor has been involved for a long time with the Foundation for Medical Research - of which he is the sponsor - as well as his action to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease and, more recently, the medical chronicle he holds on France Inter, accredited the rumors, according to some.

“We are far from the disease”

However, the main interested party gave his own health check.

“I am not prosopagnosic, I am simply not a physiognomist, it can be very embarrassing, but we are far from the disease,” he told Le



It all started with a joke, launched during a radio show devoted to the brain.

Thierry Lhermitte is in any case ready to chronicle the births of fake news, the other epidemic of recent years.


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