Recently, Shanxi Pinglu ushered in cooler weather and snowfall, with the temperature dropping by about 8 degrees Celsius compared with the same period last year.

Every year from the end of October to the beginning of November, whooper swans fly from Siberia and other places to Pinglu to spend the winter, and then return to the north one after another the following year.

The recent snowfall caused nearly a thousand whooper swans to delay their "return home".

  The Sanwan Yellow River Wetland is covered with snow. Swans play in the water, flutter their wings, or quietly groom their feathers. The slender swans complement the snowy scenery, forming a beautiful ecological picture.

According to reports, when the nighttime temperature exceeds 0 degrees Celsius and the daytime temperature exceeds 10 degrees Celsius, the swans will begin to migrate north.

(Wang Huilin produced by Liu Wenli and Li Weiqiang)

Responsible editor: [Cheng Chunyu]