In Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, groceries were provided free of charge to support single-parent families who are suffering from the effects of the new corona and are having difficulty living.

The food was provided by the Toda City Council of Social Welfare to households whose income is declining due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and single-parent families.

At the Toda City Health and Welfare Center, food items such as instant noodles and retort curry were prepared, including 3 kg of rice per household, and people who applied in advance received the food items one after another.

This is the second time that groceries have been provided since December last year, and the number of applications this time has nearly doubled from the previous time to 189 households.

At the venue, there is also a window for consultation on financial issues, and Mayu Narumi of the Community Welfare Division of the Toda City Council of Social Welfare said, "The number of households whose income is decreasing due to the influence of the new corona is increasing. I feel it. I would like to continue to support you so that you can feel at ease. "

In Kanagawa, a meal distribution service for people in need of home medical treatment

Kanagawa Prefecture is infected with the new corona, and some of the people who are receiving medical treatment at home are unable to go to work and are in financial distress. "Food service" has started.

In Kanagawa Prefecture, the number of people receiving medical treatment at home has exceeded 50,000, making it difficult to respond. Therefore, since last month, we have limited the delivery of meals and daily necessities to elderly people who are at high risk of becoming seriously ill.

However, some people who are undergoing medical treatment are in need of living due to being unable to go to work and cannot use private home delivery services, so even if the risk is not high, if the person wishes to eat, he / she will eat. And deliver daily necessities.

Applications are accepted at the consultation telephone counter for home recuperators, and 8 days' worth of food that can be stored such as retort food and daily necessities such as toilet paper are set and delivered to the front door.

Ryutaro Hagiwara, chief of the Prefectural Medical Crisis Countermeasures Headquarters, said, "I think that some people have lost their income for the time being because they can't go to work, so if you have a problem, please use this service." rice field.