Approaching Lu Xun in life

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  When we mention Lu Xun, most of these words will appear in our minds: writer, educator, thinker, revolutionary...sober, sharp, serious, and "cross-eyed and cold to thousands of people, bowing his head and willing to be a rude cow" "in my back garden, you can see the wall There are two trees outside, one is a jujube tree, and the other is also a jujube tree"... Have you ever thought that the nicknames he wrote to his wife were actually "little hedgehog", "little lotus pod" and "good girl"?

Love can really make a stern person become gentle.

  To fully understand Lu Xun, it is necessary to understand Lu Xun in life.

Reading Lu Xun's works, savoring Lu Xun's home letters, pursuing Lu Xun's emotions, and even understanding the dinners he attended... all help to understand Lu Xun's rich inner world and the environment of the times.

  Text/Sun Jun, All Media Reporter of Guangzhou Daily

  Seeing Lu Xun's Warm Side from Home Letters

  Among Lu Xun's letters, letters from home are particularly noteworthy.

The ancients said "knowing people and talking about the world", and also said "reading his books and wanting to see him as a man", to fully understand Lu Xun, it is necessary to understand Lu Xun's family affairs.

  Letters from home help to understand Lu Xun's rich inner world and the environment of the times.

"Lu Xun's Family Letters" contains fifty letters from Lu Xun to his mother, nineteen letters to his younger brother, seventy-eight letters to his wife, and three letters to other relatives.

  Because of Lu Xun's experience and the characteristics of the era, the family letter involves a wide range of areas, rich in content, and a variety of personnel. Lu Xun is also a master of writing. , As the elder brother, the real and warm Lu Xun.

  Huang Qiaosheng, the author of "Lu Xun's Family Letter", said that Lu Xun was a "full" person throughout his life, falling in love in middle age, having children in old age, and finally living a family life of fireworks.

In Lu Xun's letter to his mother, the most important part is to report to the mother on his son's growth.

  Share life moments with your lover

  The correspondence between Lu Xun and Xu Guangping recorded their hesitations and choices in their relationship, as well as discussing world affairs and people.

They compiled these letters in chronological order into "Books from Two Places" and divided them into three sets: Beijing-Beijing, Xiamen-Guangzhou, and Beijing-Shanghai.

  Lu Xun said in the preface of "Book of Two Lands": "We take this book as a memory for ourselves, and we thank our kind friends and leave it to our children, so that the future will know the truth of what we have experienced."

  He also sent a message of emotion: "Looking back on the past six or seven years, there have been quite a few turmoil surrounding us. In the constant struggle, there are also those who help, some who fall under the stone, and some who laugh and slander, but we gritted our teeth, But he has been struggling to live for six or seven years." In his eyes, life is colorful.

  In 1926, Lu Xun and Xu Guangping, who had just fallen in love, separated.

Lu Xun went to work at Xiamen University, and Xu Guangping returned to Guangzhou.

The two had to complain about lovesickness through a letter. In the letter, Lu Xun was the same as every man and woman in love, and he happily talked about the little things in life, and did not forget to show his attitude to reassure the lovers.

  for example:

  "I always send your letter to the post office. I don't like it in the green mailbox on the street. I always suspect that it will be slower there."

  "I don't know if Gu Gu is sleeping? I think she must not fall asleep, and I thought I was talking about my experience in the past three years. In fact, I didn't talk about it. Now I only hope Gu Gu will be good and take care of myself, and I will be too. Peace of mind, pass (same as 'du') through the predetermined time, and don't make the little hedgehog worry."

  "Looking at the current situation, our future seems to have no obstacles, but even if there is, I am determined to step over it with the little hedgehog and move forward, and will not shrink back."

  "The package has been fetched, and the vest is already worn over the small shirt. It's very warm. I think this way we can spend the winter without needing a cotton robe."

  "I'm fine, I can eat and sleep, plus the little hedgehog reports her recent status, knowing that she is very good, makes me more at ease."

  "In short, I should choose the safest and most comfortable way of walking, and I will never take risks and make my little lotus pod worried. Now I am in good spirits, don't worry, I will never leave the little hedgehog's little white elephant alone. There is a little loss in Peiping, which makes the little hedgehog feel distressed."

  Lu Xun's letter to Xu Guangping during his stay at Xiamen University not only contained text, but also interspersed with his hand-painted sketches. He also specially marked Xu Guangping's "where I lived", which shows that he wants to share life with his lover. ".

  Have a sense of family responsibility, have enthusiasm, and have kindness

  Reading "Lu Xun's Family Letter" is helpful to understand Lu Xun's literary works and grasp some of Lu Xun's subtle feelings and thoughts in life.

These emotional thoughts are not necessarily expressed in Lu Xun's essays, prose and poetry, but they are naturally revealed in the written conversations with relatives.

Huang Qiaosheng said that from Lu Xun's book, we can see Lu Xun's strong sense of responsibility and life interest.

  Lu Xun has a sense of family responsibility, enthusiasm and love.

Some of his famous stories have shadows of himself and his relatives, novels such as "Hometown", "Social Opera", "Brother", "Death of Sadness", prose such as "Father's Sickness", "A Chang and the Classic of Mountains and Seas", prose poems such as "Kite" "The Trembling of the Decadent Line" and so on.

In his essays, the topic of family and children's education is often mentioned.

  His life changed because of his family and relatives, he went to a new school because his family was down, he stopped studying and returned to work because his family was financially poor, and he was determined to reunite his big family because he wanted to take care of his mother and younger brother. Because of his love, he left his work and living environment for many years, and because of family livelihood, he determined the content and method of writing in his later years.

  These books also help you understand Lu Xun

  "The Legend of Lu Xun"

  By Xu Shoushang, Lu Xun's close friend

  "Lu Xun Biography" is written by Xu Shoushang, a famous modern Chinese educator and biographer and a close friend of Lu Xun's hometown.

Xu Shoushang is a well-deserved deep understanding of Lu Xun's spirit. He quickly found the shining point of Lu Xun's spirit with real facts and simple understanding. It is an introductory book for Lu Xun researchers and lovers.

Xu Guangping said in a letter to Xu Shoushang at that time: "The text of memory must belong to the teacher!"

  "Lu Xun's Dinner"

  Another Form of Lu Xun's Biography

  Among the numerous research monographs on Lu Xun, this "Lu Xun's Dinner Party" is very special. The whole book is in the form of essays, taking Lu Xun's dinner for more than 20 years as a clue, and rigorously combs and introduces his communication and life, as well as his daily creation. It is relaxed and patient. Read, rich in materials, is another form of Lu Xun's biography, readers can get a glimpse of the true side of Mr., but also feel the real social customs of the Republic of China.

  "Lu Xun's Plants and Trees"

  Using grass and trees as clues to gain insight into Lu Xun's inner world

  This book focuses on the microscopic research of Lu Xun.

The author not only extensively studied Lu Xun's works and research collections, sorted out clues about plants in Lu Xun's works, and carried out in-depth analysis based on the works, but also expanded his vision to his life traces, looking for the relationship between his life and plants from the subtle, insightful its inner world.

In addition to the image of Lu Xun in writing and thinking, he excavated his interest in botany and outlined the image of Lu Xun that was little known in life. It is a valuable historical material for the study of Lu Xun's daily life and spiritual world.

  "Lu Xun's Cover"

  Lu Xun as a book binding designer

  Lu Xun personally designed and directed the design of more than 100 kinds of book covers, many of which are the best in modern book binding design. , good-looking, durable, and timeless.”

"Lu Xun's Cover" explores Lu Xun's publishing ideas, and also looks back on the modernization process of Chinese book binding design.

At the same time, it also involves many cultural events during the Republic of China.

  Lu Xun who loves food

  In addition to his delicate emotions, Lu Xun is also a life expert who loves food very much. He enjoys delicious food and is willing to share.

According to "Guangzhou Tongue Hualu", Mr. Lu Xun lamented in Guangzhou that "I don't want to be a celebrity anymore", so he went to restaurants 43 times in 253 days.

No matter in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Xiamen, every city he has lived in has his "food map", and he even often writes down his own "exploring the store" in his diary, which records a lot of food names. and shops.

According to statistics, there are a total of 25 restaurants in Guangzhou mentioned by Lu Xun in his diary, namely Beiyuan, Bieyouchun, Miaoqixiangliji, Luyuan Tea Room, Daguanyuan Tea Room, Huifang Garden, Tao Tao Ju, etc.

  In the Shanghai Lu Xun Memorial Hall, a special collection is the menu recorded by Xu Guangping, which recorded the recipes Lu Xun ate every day from November 1927 to June 1928.

It can be seen that Mr. Lu Xun's daily recipes are very rich, and the combination of meat and vegetables is very reasonable.

  Mr. Lu Xun also has a lot of anecdotes about food. For example, because he likes sweets and suffers from dental caries, he also rewards himself with a Daoxiangcun biscuits after visiting the dentist.

In Lu Xun's diary, there is such a record: "On the three days before noon, I went to the house of Deputy Chief Dong with more than a dozen people from the ministry, and quickly went to the ministry's office. In the afternoon, I went to Wangfujing dentist Xu Jingwen to treat dental problems, and agreed to fill four teeth, including A bottle of gargle, a total of 47 yuan, pay 10 yuan. Go to Daoxiang Village to buy biscuits for 1 yuan." (May 1935)

  On the way home from dental treatment, I have to insist on the daily routine of buying snacks and eating, which makes people see a lovely Lu Xun.