China News Service, Nantong, February 21 (Reporter Gu Hua) A fishing boat in Fujian overturned and sank in the Yellow Sea, about 120 nautical miles due east of Huangsha Port in Sheyang, Yancheng, Jiangsu.

On the evening of the 20th, Jiangsu Qidong Municipal Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau announced that after receiving the distress signal, the Qidong fishing boat rushed to rescue in time, and all 16 crew members on board were rescued.

  At around 22:00 on February 19th, the fishing boat Minlian Fishing Transport 60778 entered the cabin in the sea area of ​​33°44′N, 122°52′30″E (fishing area 131/6, about 120 nautical miles due east of Huangsha Port in Sheyang) , there is a danger of overturning and sinking, and the boat immediately called for help from nearby fishing boats.

  The Qidong fishing boats Su Qiyu 02266, Su Qiyu 02211, Su Qiyu 02255, and Su Qiyu 02299, which were marshalled nearby, rushed to rescue in time after receiving the distress signal from the fishing boats.

Around 23:00, Su Qiyu 02266 rescued 13 crew members from the side of the fishing boat in distress.

  Subsequently, the sinking speed of the fishing boat in distress continued to accelerate, and the three crew members (one captain, one chief mate, and one chief engineer each) finally boarded the life raft. At about 23:30, Su Qiyu 02211 rescued the three people from the life raft.

At around 3:00 on February 20, the collision avoidance signal of the fishing boat in distress completely disappeared.

  After receiving the report, the Qidong City Fishery Emergency Duty Office verified with the Pingshun Cooperative in Lusigang Town and the rescue fishing boat that there were 16 crew members on the Minlian Yuyun 60778 fishing boat, and all of them had been rescued.

Due to the strong wind and waves at sea, the fishing boat could only anchor, and the vital signs and emotions of the rescued crew members were relatively stable.

  According to the marine meteorological data, the wind and waves at sea gradually decreased on the night of February 20. After the fishing boat became seaworthy under the meteorological conditions, Su Qiyu 02211 transferred the 3 rescued crew members to Su Qiyu 02266, and the Qidong emergency rescue ship connected with Su Qiyu 02266 and transported the 16 crew members. The transfer will return to Lusi Fishing Port in Qidong, and it is expected to arrive at the port safely around noon on February 21.