In Nagoya City, among the citizens who died without relatives, there were 6 cases that were not cremated for more than a year in the three years until last year, and the bodies were kept at the funeral company's facility for more than three years. It was confirmed that the case had been confirmed, and the related staff members were punished with warnings.

In Nagoya City, if an unaffiliated person dies and there is no heir to pick up the body, the ward office will hold a funeral and cremate it.

According to the city of Nagoya, as a result of this year's audit, there were a total of 6 cases of death without relatives and not being cremated for more than a year after the ward office decided to hold a funeral. That is.

In some cases, the body was stored at a funeral company's facility for more than three years.

In addition, there were three cases in which the funeral itself was not decided for more than a year because the staff of the ward office searched for a taker of the body but did not continue the investigation, and the audit committee made a recommendation to Mayor Kawamura for improvement. I did.

As of the 18th, the city of Nagoya has dismissed a total of 15 people, including related staff and their bosses, as admonitions and documentary admonitions.

The city of Nagoya happened because the number of uncollected bodies continued to increase, and the staff in charge were busy with clerical work such as dealing with the new coronavirus, and there was no mechanism to grasp the progress of the work throughout the organization. Explains that.

The city of Nagoya states, "This is a serious case that disregards the dignity of the dead, and we will thoroughly implement measures to prevent recurrence and proper paperwork."