• Coronavirus Autonomies and Health do not define a plan to remove masks in classrooms

  • Health data reports 34,213 new cases of coronavirus, 360 deaths and the incidence is below 1,000


sixth wave

of coronavirus continues its downward trend after a day in which

the incidence of coronavirus

falls below the threshold of 1,000 cases

(984), although it continues to almost double the

very high risk indicator for transmission

, with 34,213 new infections reported and a occupancy in hospitals that continues to ease.

Spain is still well above the red indicator for contagion (set from 500 cases), but with an accumulated incidence that has decreased by 477 points in the last week, in a context in which the communities continue to communicate, some with greater delay, the deaths that this wave has been leaving, 360 in the last day, reports Efe.

So far in the sixth wave, which began a little over four months ago, approximately 10,793 deaths have been recorded, a figure well above waves such as the fifth, which occurred last summer and left around 6,500 deaths.

Incidence 470 accumulated by CCAA.

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WHO reduces its recommended quarantine times before ├│micron

The World Health Organization (WHO), which continues to recommend a 14-day quarantine for contacts with COVID-19 patients in places with a high incidence of the pandemic, today reduced this time to seven days, in the context of the current wave linked to the omicron variant, with a high number of mild cases.

Quarantine can be reduced to

seven days in contacts who do not show symptoms

and have tested negative for PCR or antigen tests, the WHO indicated today in a published recommendation guide.

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Portugal ends with digital certificate, capacity limit and teleworking

Portugal no longer requires a covid certificate in social activities, although it

maintains border controls

, eliminates the capacity limit in public places, confinement due to risk contacts and the recommendation of teleworking after the improvement of the pandemic situation in the country.

"This is a very important moment. It is one more step for the return to a normal life that was interrupted almost two years ago," said the Portuguese Minister of State and Presidency, Mariana Vieira de Silva, at a press conference after the council. of ministers, reports Efe.

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IATA asks to end barriers to travel with Covid in decline

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which encompasses a large part of the global airlines,

renewed its call to eliminate barriers to air travel

, at a time when Covid-19 cases are falling in most of the regions and many countries are relaxing those restrictions.

In a statement, the

nearly 300 airlines that are part of IATA

called for the end of quarantines and mandatory tests for vaccinated travelers and the withdrawal of travel bans to or from certain territories, the report.

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