NPOs in Sakai City, Osaka, are being rushed to respond to requests for food and other support, saying that their income has declined due to the effects of the Corona disaster and their lives have become difficult.

The NPO "Food Bank OSAKA" in Sakai City, Osaka, has continued activities to deliver foods handed over from companies to children's cafeterias and orphanages in order to eliminate food loss, but lost their jobs due to corona damage. There are a series of requests for support from people who are in need of living due to a decrease in income or income.

In response to the request, the NPO confirms the urgency of support with the parties concerned and caseworkers of the local government, and then delivers rice and retort foods to their homes.

According to NPOs, the number of requests for support from individuals, which was about 10 cases a year before the spread of the infection, has continued to increase with the spread of the infection, reaching about 70 cases in the last month alone, the highest number ever, and in the middle of this month. , It means that there are already more than 30 cases.

On the 17th, we delivered rice and retort foods to a woman who lives with an elementary school child in northern Osaka prefecture.

A woman who works at a restaurant has lost her income due to the corona sickness, making her life difficult and has asked NPOs for help.

Other NPOs include single mothers who complain that they can't work due to the closure of the nursery school and have no money to buy food, taxi drivers who say that their income has dropped sharply due to the corona illness and they can't live, and because of the influence of corona, they worked in July last year. There were a series of requests for support from people who are applying for welfare, complaining that they have been dismissed and have run out of savings and have only eaten water for a week.

Norihito Morimoto, Executive Secretary of Food Bank OSAKA, said, "I have the impression that people who cannot be connected to the support of the government due to the corona sickness have become apparent, and I would like to continue activities to support food that will lead to life." I did.

He added, "It is impossible for food banks to support all people who are in need of living, so we would like to continue to support them in collaboration with local organizations and organizations." ..

A series of support requests from home recuperators

Food Bank OSAKA is receiving a series of requests for support from people who are infected with the new corona and are being treated at home.

Many local governments in Osaka Prefecture and the prefecture provide support for delivering food to home care recipients, but due to the rapid increase in infected people, the work of health centers and local governments is becoming tight, and sufficient support cannot be delivered. There are many places that have fallen.

Of these, Osaka Prefecture has decided to deliver retort-packed foods to those who wish to receive medical treatment at home, but the number of infected people increased rapidly in the 6th wave, and delivery was delayed due to delays in registration of infected people by the health center. It means that it is.

Under these circumstances, Foodbank OSAKA said, "I asked the city for help because I lived alone and had no food, and I couldn't go shopping at home, but the infection was registered at the health center. If you don't do it, you won't be able to receive support and I want you to help me. "

Norihito Morimoto, the secretary general of Food Bank OSAKA, said, "It is difficult for home recuperators and people waiting for isolation to connect to health centers and administrative offices, and the number of inquiries about food assistance to us is increasing rapidly. The number of requests to food banks is increasing because the counters and local support groups are unable to respond due to the rapid increase in infections. "

Requests for food assistance are also being made one after another to local social welfare councils through local governments.

The Social Welfare Council in Hirano Ward, Osaka, is asking Foodbank OSAKA to cooperate in delivering food to households whose income has declined due to the corona disaster, and on this day the person in charge is food such as rice and eggs. I came to pick up the goods.

Tatsuya Tsunoda, chief counselor of the Hirano Ward Council of Social Welfare, said, "It is difficult for the Council of Social Welfare alone to collect the food needed for support, and the existence of a food bank has a life to save." rice field.