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[editor Jina-yoon] The group Apink shared their honest experiences about the entertainment program 'Idol Star Championship', which is known as the arena of idol romance.

Yesterday (16th), the long-lived girl group Apink appeared as a guest on Mnet's entertainment program 'TMI SHOW'.

On this day's broadcast, Apink answered the questions that younger idols were curious about and revealed the secrets of long-running and long-term management of a 12-year-old girl group.

In particular, Apink, who shared the know-how of living in a dorm, recalled her rookie days, saying, "The management of an idol agency is nothing right now. We don't have cell phones, and we only ate salad for two years. We couldn't even go to a convenience store."

At this, MC Boom trembled, saying, "How are you dating? Do you have a phone number in your hand when you pass by behind the stage?"

However, Apink burst into laughter, saying, "What kind of magician Choi Hyun-woo are you? It's the first time I've heard of such a thing." MC Mi-ju, a former member of the group Lovelyz, also said, "Some kind of 'Idol' is a place for love, but I met eyes there. No,” he said from his own experience.

Apink, too, said, "I really don't understand the fact that we meet in the real 'Isocracy'. Everyone is angry there. It's a place where we can't make eye contact. Everyone is lying down, and the makeup is ruined." I sympathized.

Then, they laughed, adding, "If your heart grows in 'Issudae', it will be a hundred years. You have to get married."

Also, Apink appeared on the 'Wonder K Original' YouTube channel, but MC Jeon Hyun-moo said, 'I see some other idols dating, but Apink is too busy playing with themselves.' I've never seen it before. If I shoot for more than 10 hours, my makeup drips off. I can never look like the opposite sex."

Apink, in their 12th year since their debut, recently released their 10th anniversary special album 'HORN' and is currently active with the new song 'Delemma'.

In the previous 12 years, Apink appeared in the entertainment program 'Idol Star Championship', which was mainly conducted as a holiday special, more than 10 times.

(Photo = 'TMI SHOW' broadcast screen capture, Twitter 'MBC_entertain', YouTube '1theK Originals')

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