(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Hong Kong's business community is united in the fight against the epidemic

  China News Agency, Hong Kong, February 17 (Reporter Wei Huadu Liu Chenyao) The fifth wave of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Hong Kong is fierce, and the business community is united in the fight against the epidemic.

Many companies donated related materials, and some real estate developers lent their hotels for community isolation purposes.

  Due to the recent increase in the number of confirmed cases and the shortage of community isolation facilities, the SAR government has launched the "Community Isolation Facility Hotel Plan" and sought the support of the hotel industry, hoping that the hotel industry can provide at least 10,000 hotel rooms to arrange for a positive test result for the new coronavirus but symptoms People with mild or asymptomatic symptoms are admitted and quarantined.

  Representatives of the SAR government held a video conference with the Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong (HKCA) on the 16th.

After the meeting, the Land Construction Association issued a statement in which the participating members pledged to fully support and cooperate with the anti-epidemic measures of the SAR government according to the situation, with a view to defeating the new crown epidemic as soon as possible, so that Hong Kong's economy and people's livelihood can return to normal as soon as possible.

The SAR government said that it has successfully identified about 4,400 hotel rooms for inclusion in the plan, of which about 1,700 will be opened this week, and the rest will be opened within the next week.

  A spokesman for New World Development Co., Ltd. said on the 17th that it has proposed to the SAR government to lend about 700 rooms of its pentahotel Kowloon in San Po Kong as a community isolation facility.

Next, the hotel will actively discuss arrangements with the relevant departments of the SAR government, and evaluate the feasibility of the hotel's facilities and supporting facilities as isolation facilities as soon as possible.

The hotel will also arrange for employees to undergo epidemic prevention training and regular testing to ensure the safety and health of employees and guests.

  Sun Hung Kai Properties said on the 16th that it is negotiating with the SAR government and comprehensively evaluating its suitable hotel facilities and facilities with relevant departments to ensure that all links meet safety requirements.

On the same day, Cheung Kong Holdings said it was actively researching any method that could support the government's fight against the epidemic.

  There are also many companies helping fight the epidemic by donating materials.

Among them, Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. (Tencent) announced on the 17th that Tencent, through its Tencent Foundation, donated 10 million yuan (HKD, the same below) to the Hong Kong Community Chest in the first phase to purchase rapid viral antigen tests for children and adolescents. The anti-epidemic kits produced will be distributed to families in need as soon as possible through social welfare institutions under the Community Chest; they will also be used to purchase and donate anti-epidemic supplies to nursing homes and medical institutions.

  In addition, the Hong Kong Jockey Club announced on the 16th that in addition to its earlier pledge to donate 1.5 billion yuan for anti-epidemic purposes, an additional 10 million yuan was pledged to the "Hong Kong Community Anti-epidemic Connection".

At the same time, the Jockey Club Volunteer Team composed of Jockey Club employees also took the initiative to lend a helping hand at any time to assist in the fight against the epidemic.

  Many Chinese-funded enterprises have made further deployments in Hong Kong's supply guarantee.

The reporter learned from Sinopec Hong Kong Company that the company has coordinated the resources of Sinopec's refineries in Guangdong, increased the export of refined oil to Hong Kong, and at the same time fully organized and transported resources to Hong Kong to ensure the stable supply of oil (gas) products in the Hong Kong market. .

  China Resources Group stated that it will go all out to ensure the supply of daily necessities such as anti-epidemic materials and fresh food, and fully support and help the Hong Kong SAR government to do a good job in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work.

In addition, China Resources Pharma, a subsidiary of the company, organized the "China Resources Pharma and the Community Walk Together - Fighting the Epidemic Together, Protecting Your Health" epidemic prevention material donation activity. Recently, it visited Meilin Village, Dawei, where the epidemic was more severe, and donated 5,000 sachet stickers to the community. , 1300 copies of Jianbu soup packs.