Stamps with children's motifs continue to be particularly popular with people in Germany.

In a survey by Deutsche Post with more than 32,000 participants, the postage stamp for the "Sending with the Mouse" was voted the most beautiful stamp of the year 2021.

The comic characters “Bibi & Tina” made it into second place.

Third place went to the stamp with a photo of a young European hamster.

Last year, the Maya the Bee brand took first place.

All 52 stamps that had been newly issued in the past year were available for selection.

Historical motifs did not make it onto the "podium".

The “Sophie Scholl” stamp commemorating the 100th birthday of the young resistance fighter against National Socialism still came in 5th place in the survey.

Any citizen can suggest a theme for a postage stamp.

The themes are then determined by a program advisory board, and in the next step an art advisory board decides on the motifs.

Both bodies are made up of politicians, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Finance and the post office, as well as philatelists.

There are also graphics professors on the art advisory board.