Emergency return!

A pregnant woman suddenly gave birth at an altitude of 10,000 meters. Nurses and flight attendants relay to help her give birth

  On the evening of February 14, on Hainan Airlines flight HU7303 from Sanya to Chengdu, a pregnant woman suddenly broke the amniotic fluid and was about to give birth. With the full cooperation of the nurses and passengers, the pregnant woman gave birth smoothly and gave birth to a baby boy.

  Urgent situation!

  Soon after the plane took off

  Female passenger has ruptured amniotic fluid and is about to give birth

  At 21:10 on February 14, flight HU7303 took off from Sanya on time. Shortly after the plane took off, a female passenger looked a little flustered after using the bathroom.

After the flight attendant Huang Ruiting found out, he immediately stepped forward to inquire and learned that the passenger was about to give birth, and immediately asked for assistance.

  In an emergency, flight attendant Huang Ruiting reported it to the cabin manager and the purser.

When the purser Wang Xiao learned of the situation, he decisively arranged the passengers to lie flat on the row seats in the rear cabin.

Cabin manager Gao Lu immediately reported the cabin special situation to the captain, and then looked for a doctor for assistance through the broadcast.

"I am a nurse and can help with delivery." Liu Yuan is a nurse in the Department of Hepatobiliary Surgery of Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital. She has more than ten years of nursing experience and is also a mother.

After hearing the announcement, she hurried from her seat to the rear cabin to assist.

  After inquiring about the pregnant woman's physical condition, Liu Yuan learned that the female passenger was having a second child and was 32 weeks pregnant, and the amniotic fluid had just ruptured.

According to experience, pregnant women will soon give birth, the situation is very urgent.

  Work together!

  In the "temporary delivery room"

  Nurses and flight attendants help with childbirth

  Afterwards, the flight attendants covered the area with blankets and urgently set up a "temporary delivery room".

The crew quickly set up an "air emergency midwifery team" to assist the nurses, while providing blankets, rubber gloves, first aid kits and emergency medical kits and other spare tools for childbirth, while comforting the mothers.

  At 22:21, "Strength, inhale, exhale..." With the cooperation of all crew members, nurses and mothers, the woman gave birth to a baby boy in less than an hour, and the mother and child were safe.

  At this time, the Hainan Airlines dispatch control center has contacted the ground support personnel of the Sanya branch in advance to arrange for an ambulance to rush to the airport as soon as possible to participate in on-site support.

  At 22:23, the flight returned to Sanya smoothly.

The medical staff of Sanya Phoenix International Airport Emergency Center entered the cabin in time, performed emergency medical treatment on the mother and child, and escorted the two to Sanya Central Hospital by ambulance.

  "We all have a plan for how to deal with these special circumstances." Cabin manager Gao Lu said.

It is understood that in order to do a good job in the follow-up protection work, the relevant leaders and staff of Hainan Airlines Sanya Branch arrived at the hospital in advance to accompany the passengers to go through the hospitalization procedures.

Because the passenger had just given birth, was weak and was not accompanied by family members and friends, the HNA staff on site assumed the responsibility of "family" and did their best to provide care.

  At about 23:00, the plane took off again and flew to Chengdu. Although it was delayed for some time, the passengers did not have any complaints.

  Regarding everyone's praise, Liu Yuan, a nurse passenger, said: "I just did my own job. Fortunately, there was no danger, and the mother and child were safe."

  The airline reminds that because the plane is flying at a high altitude, the oxygen in the high-altitude air is relatively reduced, and the air pressure is reduced, so there are certain restrictions for pregnant women to take the plane.

In order to ensure the travel safety of passengers, pregnant passengers should take the plane in accordance with the relevant airline regulations.

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Zhang Zhaoting