Regarding the opening date of the "West Kyushu Shinkansen" that connects Nagasaki and Takeo Onsen in Saga Prefecture, it has been revealed that JR Kyushu is expected to make final adjustments around September 23 and officially announce it soon. rice field.

Of the Kyushu Shinkansen / West Kyushu route connecting Hakata Station and Nagasaki Station, the section of about 66 km between Nagasaki and Takeo Onsen in Saga Prefecture is scheduled to open around autumn as the "West Kyushu Shinkansen". ..

According to the people concerned, it was found that JR Kyushu is expected to make final adjustments around "September 23" and officially announce the specific opening date in the near future.

For the West Kyushu Shinkansen, the "Kamome" that uses the latest "N700S" has been introduced, and we are proceeding with testing of vehicles and other equipment toward the opening day.

In response to the decision on the opening date, JR Kyushu plans to promote concrete regional revitalization plans such as the development of commercial facilities and cooperation with tourism in order to enhance the economic effect on the area around the station and local governments along the line. is.

On the other hand, between Shin-Tosu and Takeo Onsen on the Nishi-Kyushu route, the local Saga prefecture has repelled due to reduced convenience and a large financial burden, and there is no prospect of starting construction.