Watch the video that caused Omar Kamal to stop singing.

During the past hours, social media circulated a video clip of festivals singer Omar Kamal, and it was said that it was the video that caused the decision to stop singing.

Omar Kamal appeared in the video, responding to one of the people who Hani Shaker told him, “He will swing you,” which means that he will stop him from singing, to Kamal’s response, saying: “No one knows how to recommend me, my heart.”

The Secretary-General of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, Ahmed Ramadan, said: “The decision to stop him from work and refer him to investigation is a council decision. The council’s decision is implemented. He does not want to attend the investigation at his convenience, and if he wants to attend the investigation and clarify his point of view to the council, this is another issue.”

Regarding the statement that Omar Kamal was under the influence of alcohol in the video, the Secretary General of the Syndicate of Musical Professions said: "See the video and then we will talk?! And the matter is not related to the Syndicate and its decision."

I love the "Masrawy" website.

Omar Kamal responded to the Secretary-General of the Syndicate of Musical Professions: "As long as the idea that I am drunk or not does not belong to the Syndicate, why do you say it or distort my reputation?!"

The Secretary-General of the Syndicate of Musical Professions confirmed: “The union’s decision is not written in a sentence under the influence of alcohol. He remains asking who said he was under the influence of alcohol and who I deal with in the matter, and the investigation will take place after Omar Kamal returns from America,” explaining: “I am an individual.” From 12 members of the council, and the decision is issued by the 12 people, and the normal situation is that he attends the investigation and they are the decision makers. I will not make a decision alone, what works and what not.”

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