Omar Kamal after the decision to stop him: "Hani Shaker's boots on my head"

The Egyptian artist, Omar Kamal, recounted the details of his new crisis, after the Musicians Syndicate issued a decision to suspend him and refer him to investigation.

In a statement to MBC Egypt, he said, "The party in Washington was very successful and the attendance was full. A few wanted to enter, but security prevented them...a problem occurred and security intervened."

He added, "Media people talked about street suffocation and suffocation in bars... He said countries are aware of festivals, even though I was with a ship with Ragheb Alama, Elissa and Nancy Ajram, and I went to more than an American state and people can control if I'm in my country's coffee shops or respectable theaters."

He pointed out that "he was forced to appear in a live broadcast to clarify the truth, after he found that his upcoming concerts were threatened by a security reason."

And he added, "Someone in the broadcast said, Hani Shaker, he will recommend you when you return... I told him, No, I am respected, and Hani Shaker will not weight me... And Hani Shaker will vote for the one who is not good."

And he continued: "A second one said Hani Shaker, he will cut you a ticket back to Egypt. I told him, No, my contractor will cut me the ticket, and one of them told me that we are entering at midnight, go to the top of the night, go to top, pray, I told her, my soul repents, you pray."

He added, "I received a statement published (on the media) saying that I was drunk and under the influence of alcohol.. Who said that? .. The union did not contact me.. I sent an audio message to Hani Shaker and told him your boots were over my head and that it is impossible for anyone to come out to make a mistake in your presence."

And he added, "I can't make a mistake... I am in the honor of my country and I was standing singing in front of 5,000 people and raising the flag of Egypt (in the United States)... Why did I get a decision to stop?"

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