• A quote mistakenly attributed to Angela Merkel is circulating among supporters and opponents of Emmanuel Macron.

  • The former German chancellor reportedly said the French president is “the most fascinating and intelligent head of state she has met”.

  • The source of this quote is an article from

    Le Monde

    , published on February 14.

    In this article, it is Daniel Cohn-Bendit who makes these comments about Emmanuel Macron.

Taken up by critics and supporters of Emmanuel Macron, a quote falsely attributed to Angela Merkel has been circulating on social networks since Tuesday.

The former German chancellor would have launched about the French president: “He is the most fascinating and intelligent head of state that I have met”.

A few weeks before the presidential election – for which Emmanuel Macron has not yet applied – the sentence has been relayed thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter.


 The confusion arose from an article published on the Gala

website on Tuesday


In this article devoted to the "charming personality" of the president, the quote is attributed to Angela Merkel.

The magazine specifies that these comments were first reported by

Le Monde


This sentence on Emmanuel Macron is indeed in an article in

Le Monde

 on the “chameleon president” which was published the day before, on February 14.

However, it is Daniel Cohn-Bendit who makes these comments.

Le Monde

reports that the former May 68 activist is an “occasional visitor” to the Elysée.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the president have differences of opinion, especially when the question arose of the reception of the Aquarius boat in 2018, says the daily. 

Le Monde

then devotes this paragraph to the environmental activist: 

""He [Emmanuel Macron] is racking his brains about reality and its contradictions", sighs Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who remembers the statements of his protege, three years earlier, praising the action of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for having "saved our collective dignity by welcoming refugees in distress" during the 2015 migration crisis. But the former troublemaker of May 68 cannot blame her.

"He's the most fascinating and intelligent head of state I've met," he breathes.


Angela Merkel left the German chancellery on December 8, after sixteen years leading the country.

For his first trip abroad, his successor, Olaf Scholz, was received on December 10 at the Elysee Palace by Emmanuel Macron.


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