A fire that killed six people at the factory of the confectionery maker "Sanko Confectionery" in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture, caused the fire to be submitted by the company after an on-site inspection by the fire department pointed out a defect in the guide light. According to an interview with the fire department, there was no mention of improvement in the report.

On the night of the 11th of this month, the building on the south side was completely burned down at the Arakawa factory of "Sanko Confectionery" in Murakami City, and four female part-time employees who were in charge of cleaning work died, and all of them were in their 20s from the burn marks. Two suspected male employees were found in the bodies.

According to the fire department, the building where the fire broke out was quiet, and regular on-site inspections of the fire department were conducted, and it was pointed out that there were deficiencies in a total of 6 items such as malfunction of guide lights and installation location of fire extinguisher. ..

However, after that, the report that the company submitted to the fire department summarizing the improvements did not mention the guide lights.

It is believed that four of the six female employees who died in previous investigations may have fallen in front of a fire shutter near the front door, causing a power outage and delaying their escape in the smoke.

The police continue to identify the cause of the fire and investigate whether there were any problems with the company's safety management such as fire prevention and evacuation system, on suspicion of accidental fatalities in business.