Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- The Director of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Yang Runxiong, said on the 16th that as of January 2022, the Education Bureau had organized 22 training sessions on the Constitution, the Basic Law of Hong Kong and national security education, with more than 5,500 Hong Kong school-related personnel. join.

  In answering questions from members of the SAR Legislative Council in writing on the 16th, Yang Runxiong said that the Education Bureau is stepping up its efforts to support schools in helping students to understand Chinese culture, national history, national conditions, national security, the Constitution and the Basic Law of Hong Kong in an all-round way, so as to cultivate students' understanding of Chinese culture and national identity. recognition.

Cultivating students' national concept and national identity is an important learning objective of Hong Kong's primary and secondary education, and it is also the meaning of school education.

  Yang Runxiong said that in order to strengthen the professional training of teachers in Hong Kong, the Education Bureau will, starting from the 2020/2021 school year, include the Constitution, the Basic Law of Hong Kong and national security education, as well as a 4-day Mainland study tour, into the core training of newly recruited teachers and teachers to be promoted. .

The relevant training has been launched since November 2020, and the study group has been affected by the epidemic and needs to be postponed.

  Yang Runxiong said that the current curriculum of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong has covered important learning elements such as national history, Chinese culture and national identity.

Starting from the 2018/2019 school year, the Education Bureau has implemented Chinese history as an independent compulsory subject for junior high schools and reformed the curriculum content, emphasizing both ancient and modern, so that students can learn Chinese history comprehensively and systematically, cultivate a new generation of correct views on history, and have a comprehensive understanding of national history , cultivate their national identity.

  In addition, the Education Bureau provides continuous professional training for in-service teachers of kindergarten, primary school general studies and middle school Chinese history to improve teachers' historical and cultural literacy and professional ability.