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  • 142,253 people tested positive in 24 hours on Tuesday, bringing the average for the past seven days to 119,702 daily cases.

    This is almost twice as low as last Tuesday, when the average was 211,716 cases per day.

  • Confronted for several weeks with “freedom convoys”, Canada has announced the relaxation of certain health measures, in particular the end of the obligation to present a negative PCR test for vaccinated travelers.

  • Dancing in a disco, having a drink at the bar or attending a standing concert, it is again possible from today in France.




Coronavirus: The reopening of refreshment bars in stadiums and performance halls, a sign of a recovery for events?


Coronavirus in Martinique: The curfew postponed by two hours from Friday

Hello dear readers!

Are we having a bang?

Tonight is the reopening of nightclubs and permission to drink standing at the bar, so we're going to have to celebrate.

In the meantime, we'll be briefing you all day on the Omicron variant, "freedom convoys" and everything else.

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