• For her first job, a young nurse is on night duty in a dilapidated establishment.

  • “The Power” confronts her with appearances of specters favored by numerous power cuts.

  • This well-crafted first ghost film delivers a feminist message in tune with the times.

If you're afraid of the dark, Corinna Faith's

The Power

isn't going to make you get over that phobia.

In a dilapidated London hospital in the mid-1970s, a nurse must make her rounds as multiple power cuts plunge her into darkness.

She dreams of being less alone in the dilapidated corridors and will soon be granted in this well-crafted horror film.

“I love the idea of ​​my first feature film being a ghost story because I have always been drawn to what is disturbing and mysterious, explains the filmmaker in the press kit.

I wanted the female experience to fuel the horror elements.

By the light of her little lamp with a flickering flame, the heroine, played by Rose Williams seen in the series

Reign: Fate of a Queen


Welcome to Sanditon

, makes some blood-chilling discoveries in the ruined building. .

feminine energy

The director makes the most of a very creepy setting whose corridors and multiple corners conceal (rather bad) surprises for characters who are sometimes more disturbing than the avenging specters.

The Power

manages to rejuvenate the theme of a classic horror B series to transform it into a clever feminist firebrand in the colors of the times.

What a pity that this great film was not presented at the Gérardmer Festival.

Julie Gayet and her jury would no doubt have appreciated the intelligence of a story that spares neither thrills nor the celebration of feminine courage.

What if this "Power" was simply that of women and their resilience, an "energy" that cannot be cut?

A beautiful concept for a film which is no less so.

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