Finally freed from health restrictions, the nightclubs reopen their doors this Wednesday.

In Paris, several of them will lead this return and a campaign on consent, after the awareness caused by the #Balancetonbar movement.

"Body to body, not without my agreement" and "Touch not my drink": Parisian night owls will discover these two campaign slogans against "sexist and sexual violence", from Wednesday and for a month, on the video screens of 50 night establishments in Paris.

At the same time, the Consentis association will begin to train employees of discotheques, bars and concert halls to better react to situations of sexual violence, and in particular in the care of presumed victims of chemical submission.

The GHB Spectrum

The City of Paris, at the initiative of this campaign in which the State, the Regional Health Agency (ARS), professional unions and associations also participate, hopes that "all clubs participate in these training sessions “And targets around 60 establishments formed during the year, Frédéric Hocquard, deputy in charge of nightlife for PS mayor Anne Hidalgo, told AFP.

In the fall, the testimonies of women victims of rape or sexual assault in bars or nightclubs in France had multiplied on social networks, implicating GHB, nicknamed the "rape drug".

The Paris prosecutor had announced the opening of an investigation after receiving several complaints from people claiming to have been drugged in bars or nightclubs in the capital.

Make party venues more “safe”

Even if "on the police level, there is no wave in Paris", there is on the other hand "a liberation of speech" in the capital vis-à-vis "behavioral problems", estimates the elected Génération.s who held its Night Council on the subject on Friday.

The elected official of the City wants "to help establishments, bar owners to ensure that their places are "safe", that no one is afraid to go out".

Presentation to the Night Council working group of the campaign to prevent gender-based and sexual violence in the nightlife, conducted with @Consentisinfo and @fetezclairs

Broadcast from 02/16 in Parisian clubs and bars /DHR0RRkkif

— Frédéric Hocquard (@Fredhoc) February 11, 2022

The label that the City intends to attribute, which injects 45,000 euros into this campaign, to the clubs which will have been formed "does not mean that ill-intentioned people will not come there", notes Frédéric Hocquard.

“But if cases occur, there will be adequate responses at the staff level.



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