[Beijing Winter Olympics] A new batch of "Bingdundun" arrived!

Beijing begins redemption of pre-sale goods

  Since the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the mascot, Bing Dun Dun, has become a "top class" because of its cute image.

According to the report, a new batch of 2,000 Beijing Winter Olympics mascot "Bingdundun" plush toys arrived in Beijing in the snow on the 13th, and 35,000 "Bingdundun" plush toys will be released within a week from the 13th. Southern manufacturers have entered Beijing one after another.

The reporter learned on the 14th that the flagship store of licensed commodities for the Beijing Winter Olympics has begun to pay for the Bingdundun plush toys that were previously pre-sold.

The staff said that they will try their best to meet the needs of consumers, but at present, the pre-sold Bing Dun Dun toys will be paid first, and consumers who have ordered will be notified through text messages.

(Song Yusheng Shi Rui Liu Chao produced Liu Peng)

Responsible editor: [Wang Shanshan]