China News Service, Hohhot, February 13 (Reporter Li Aiping) A large-scale snowfall in the New Year of the Tiger in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region occurred early on the 13th. People living in Hohhot, Ulanqab, Ordos, Baotou and other places that day saw Everywhere was white.

  The reporter noticed that the biggest inconvenience this snowfall brought to the public was that many highways were closed, which affected the public to visit relatives and friends to a certain extent.

  In Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia, there is a strong wind roaring along with the fluttering snowflakes.

The reporter noticed that even in the afternoon, there were still very few people on the street.

Snowfall scene in Inner Mongolia.

Photo courtesy of Inner Mongolia Meteorological Bureau

  In Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, the local sanitation department launched a comprehensive snow-clearing operation after the snowfall. A total of 25 mechanical snow-clearing equipment such as roller brushes, spreaders, small roller brushes, and pickup roller brushes were dispatched. At the same time, snow-clearing operations were carried out on the secondary roads to ensure that the roads were cleared as they went along.

  In Ulanqab City, Inner Mongolia, the reporter learned that due to the snowfall, many people wore thick down jackets when they went out to keep out the cold.

Some people laughed and said: "This snow makes people feel the taste of cold spring."

Snowfall scene in Inner Mongolia.

Photo courtesy of Inner Mongolia Meteorological Bureau

  According to information from the Inner Mongolia Meteorological Bureau, snowfall continued to be "online" in most parts of Inner Mongolia on February 13. There was heavy snow in the southeastern part of Ulanqab City, the southern part of Xilin Gol League, and the southwestern part of Chifeng City. There were blizzards in some areas. Cool down by more than 8°C.

  On the afternoon of the 13th, the reporter got the news from the Inner Mongolia High Road Company that due to the snowfall, Beijing-Tibet Expressway Inner Mongolia Section, Beijing-Xinjiang Expressway Inner Mongolia Section, Hohhot Ring Expressway, Jining Ring Expressway, Erguang Expressway, etc. The highway remains closed.