Developments in the condition of the singer Hama Beca.. he suffers from a rare disease and his psychological condition is devastating

Beca's mother-in-law is in the hospital.

Helmy, the business manager of festivals singer Hamo Beka, said that the latter left the hospital, but doctors came to him at home, to follow up on his health, explaining that he receives an injection of 130 thousand pounds every three months, due to a rare stomach disease.

He added that Hama Beca suffers from the rare Crohn's disease, explaining to the Egyptian "Cairo 24" website that the expensive injection weakens his immune system, and after that he stays at home for 4 days so that he does not contract any other disease, due to the weakness of his immune system.

He continued, "Hamo Beca's psychological state is devastating, because there is no income and he is spending on employees, and the restaurants he opened recently took all his money, and currently we are waiting for the union to release him."

Hama Beka had recently appeared on MBC Egypt and cried, saying: “I can retire immediately and I do not want to enter the Syndicate exams again, because every time I enter I fall, I want to sing and eat a living, in which there is a slander and an injustice that befalls me.” In the episode, Hama Beca announced that he had suffered a health crisis, and his official account on the social networking site "Facebook" published pictures of him from inside the hospital while he was conducting a heart drawing and medical examinations.

And the admin of Hamo Beka’s page in the post said: “I pray for Hamou Beka to be safe, Jadaan.

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