"Spring thunder, all things grow".

Right now is the Spring Festival.

The 24 solar term countdown video at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics presented a "Spring Song" full of Chinese cultural connotations to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.

After ten years of creation and polishing, the book "The Seventy-two Hours of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms" jointly completed by the two authors Xu Lijing and Xu Dongdong was recently officially published by CITIC Publishing House.

  The book emphasizes both pictures and texts. With more than 140 exquisite Chinese abstract paintings and nearly 80 beautiful and delicate texts, from the perspective of life, it innovatively depicts the grand and subtle events of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons. The wonderful system explains the way of heaven and earth behind this system and the love for all life, and fully expresses the new perception and new thinking of China's excellent traditional culture.

The ancient twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two constellations have become the carrier for the author to explore the evolution of the universe and culture, as well as the entry point for him to understand nature and life.

The picture shows the three-dimensional cover of "The Twenty-Four Solar Terms and Seventy-two Hours"

Taste the four seasons and feel the unique poetic life aesthetics of the Chinese

  The twenty-four solar terms is one of the most representative essences and classics of Chinese traditional culture. It is hailed as "China's fifth greatest invention" by the international meteorological community. Catalogue of representative works of material cultural heritage.

  In the opinion of the author of the book, the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two constellations are not only a set of knowledge systems about the changing laws of seasons, climate and phenology, but also a philosophy of time belonging to the Chinese people, as well as their unique life philosophy and life philosophy. aesthetics.

  The whole book aims to break through the traditional perspective of understanding, and enter the understanding of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons into the perspective of life, show the Chinese poetic life aesthetics, understand the source of Chinese life energy, and tell the ancient Chinese Wisdom, the contemporary value and world significance of traditional Chinese culture.

  It is understood that the text and paintings in the book are original.

The two authors use paintings to ask questions, taste paintings and write texts, follow the pace of the changing seasons, and interpret each solar term and phenology. The changes of heaven and earth and the magnificent life image of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons, excavate the endless life energy of the Chinese nation, and give it a new interpretation of life aesthetics.

The comprehension of nature, the appreciation of art, and the comprehension of life are blended together.

  Xu Lijing, the author of the text and deputy editor-in-chief of Economic Daily, wrote in the book's self-preface: "Walking in the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons is also walking in an extremely rich, beautiful and profound cultural time and space. The ancient Chinese nation The wisdom, philosophical thinking and poetry of the book have gone through thousands of years and are still vivid, and in this world's 'big changes unseen in a century', it brings us new inspiration and shows new values." "Every life Everyone has their own four seasons. Today, I am in awe and cherish every day and every moment of the four seasons. Every season of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons carries my thoughts on the heaven, earth and life. Every word is a sincere expression of the words of the soul."

For the first time, Chinese abstract painting is used to interpret the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two constellations, and to display Chinese culture with international artistic language innovation.

The picture shows Xu Dongdong, one of the authors of this book, a national first-class artist and a member of the Chinese Artists Association

  It is very precious that the "Twenty-Four Solar Terms • Seventy-two Hours" series of paintings completed by Xu Dongdong, a contemporary Chinese abstract painting master, took eight years to create. The most authentic state, meeting the reader for the first time.

  This is the first series of artistic creations that use Chinese abstract painting language to completely describe the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons. It uses rice paper and brush as the carrier, with strong colors and unique texture, and uses an innovative international painting language to get close to Chinese culture and Chinese wisdom. , so that the "old tree" of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons sends out the "new branches" of the culture of the times.

  The reading of these paintings has become an important source of comprehension of the four seasons and the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons.

  After nearly 50 years of exploration in his artistic creation career, Xu Dongdong has created a unique Chinese abstract painting genre. His painting language integrates traditional Chinese image painting and Western impression painting and abstract painting. "The series of group paintings reached a peak.

He insisted on thinking forward-looking and explaining the regular role of China's excellent culture in the historical process of China's expansion into the world from a global perspective in the context of the great changes in the integration of Eastern and Western cultures.

He admits that his creative intention is to take the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two seasons as the carrier, to take a step forward in Chinese abstract painting, and to explore the establishment of a Chinese style that integrates the excellent cultures of the East and the West with a new dimension of thinking and the Sinicization of the language of abstract painting. Abstract logical thinking and the resulting new Chinese culture will promote the construction of China's modern scientific system and industrialization and urbanization, and provide support for leading the future global development and transformation and the recognition of cultural values.

  In this book's observation of the four seasons, no matter which season the brush and ink fall on, there are two main lines running through it.

Xu Dongdong wrote in his creative talk: "The eight years of creating "The Twenty-Four Solar Terms • Seventy-two Hours" were really time flies, but not a single minute wasted, and the blessings of time brought by each solar term were not missed. , don’t miss the momentary touch brought by each weather, the philosophical thinking about the universe’s view of life brought about by the changes of the four seasons, and the pursuit of the truth, goodness and beauty of life in the philosophical epiphany.”

Dialogue with famous experts, multi-dimensional interpretation of the historical and practical significance of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two climes

  The book brings together many famous experts in different fields to explain the historical and practical significance of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two weathers from multiple dimensions such as culture, art, science, and philosophy, helping people to deeply understand the contemporary value of this ancient system.

  Writer and scholar Wang Meng mentioned in the preface of the book's recommendation that the essence of Chinese culture is to reach the realm of heaven and earth. , the eyes of our ancients have seen all things in the universe, and every phenological life is precious, and it is a whole and a system with the universe.

Therefore, the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two constellations are intangible cultural heritage of human beings. The cosmology and life concepts contained in it are very remarkable. They are modern and even post-modern. They can be placed in today and the future, and in the world. are all meaningful.

  Wang Meng said, "As the new book says, the Seventy-two Hours is an astronomical view, a geographical view based on the Yellow River Basin, a time view of seasons and climate, and a view of agricultural production, agricultural civilization, and more importantly, the Chinese people. It is the view of life, the view of nature, the view of the world, the view of the universe, the nostalgia of nostalgia, the praise and closeness to the land of China, the concern, interest, curiosity, imagination and the virtue of good life for all kinds of life phenomena. values."

  In addition, Ding Yihui, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Special Advisor on Climate Change of the China Meteorological Administration, Chen Lai, Dean of the Academy of Chinese Studies of Tsinghua University and President of the Chinese Society for the History of Philosophy, and Xue Qikun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and President of Southern University of Science and Technology, all participated in the dialogue of this book. From different dimensions such as meteorology, philosophy, quantum physics, etc., the practical significance of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two weathers is expounded.