A 15-year-old boy killed his parents and little brother after a fight in Spain.

The teenager first shot his mother with his father's hunting rifle in the family home in Algoda near Alicante last Tuesday, a police spokesman for the dpa news agency said on Saturday.

Then he killed his 10-year-old brother.

When the father came home two hours later, he shot him too.

The youth dragged the bodies to a nearby shed, the police spokesman said.

The teenager has now confessed to the crime and has been arrested.

The 15-year-old stayed in the house for three days until two aunts came to visit on Friday, to whom he confessed everything, wrote the regional newspaper "Diario Levante".

The parents blocked the 15-year-old's Internet access because of his poor school performance.

He also refused to help with the field work.

The police did not confirm these details when asked, citing the ongoing investigation.