Héloïse Goy with Alexis Patri 10:39 a.m., February 11, 2022

The TF1 and M6 groups, which want to sell their Gulli, TFX, 6Ter and TF1 Séries Films channels to move forward with their merger project, are not getting takeover offers that live up to their expectations, according to information from our colleagues of the economic magazine "Capital".

One more brake on this potential merger.

The crowds do not jostle at the gates of TF1 and M6 to acquire the channels put up for sale by the two TV groups.

As part of their merger project, TF1 and M6 are forced by an audiovisual law to give up frequencies, so as not to total more than seven. The companies have therefore put the four channels Gulli, TFX, 6Ter and TF1 Séries up for sale. Movies.

And, according to our colleagues from 


, the sale looks more complicated than expected.

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Whether producers like Mediawan, Xilam or Asacha Media, oligarchs like the Czech Daniel Kretinsky or hosts like Cyril Hanouna, many important media players who could be expected on this file have not made a takeover offer.  

Mickey TV and Express TV in the boxes

On the other hand, the Reworld Media group (which already owns the Sport channel in France) has submitted offers for Gulli and 6Ter.

Gulli also received an offer from publisher Unique Héritage Media, which publishes

Le journal de Mickey


For his part, Alain Weill, the owner of


, has submitted an offer for the TFX channel.

He would like to turn it into Express TV.

Finally, the Altice-SFR group, which already owns BFM and RMC, would have applied for several channels, including TFX and TF1 Séries Films.

According to

Le Figaro

, the buyers should be chosen by TF1 and M6 no later than the beginning of April.