Since the birth of the model casting soap opera "Germany's Next Topmodel", 16 winners have already been chosen.

One or the other name is still known, most are long forgotten.

One of the few constants of the format remains the criticism of Heidi Klum's annual school trip with a catwalk background, which is always revived punctually at the start: girls who are too young are fed too dangerous ideals of beauty.

Young women aiming to become a top model (or at least well known enough to be able to run a lucrative Instagram account as an influencer from now on) are frowned upon.

The thought that feminism could possibly also mean that, as a woman, you don't necessarily have to strive for a chair at the board table of a DAX company, regularly goes unheard in the hysteria of the virtue guard elite.

The show, however, remains intact.

The success too.

This year even with the most successful season start for 13 years.

The last time there were better odds was in 2009. Heidi Klum was 35 years old, her husband at the time, Seal, adopted her four-year-old daughter, Leni, and VfL Wolfsburg, effectively the Seal of the Bundesliga, became German champions.

Off to Mykonos

To celebrate the day, the only top-rated woman, who even Friedrich Merz thinks is okay, flew all 28 applicants for the gold medal at her Diversity Olympiad to Mykonos.

Within a very short time it goes from Germany to Athens and from there to Mykonos.

After just seven days, GNTM has a sadder CO2 footprint than a Chinese coal-fired power plant.

You probably know the destination island of Mykonos from Instagram.

This is this island where the law only allows white for houses and blue for doors.

Keyword blue: If you were to eat a schnapps praline at home on the receiver every time the word “diversity” was mentioned, you would want to dress up as an anti-fascist kangaroo, even before Heidi Klum said “that was good” for the first time.

But you can't because by then you're already drunker than Lindsay Lohan was on her worst days.

Four Musketeers

The GNTM intermediate station Mykonos starts inspecting new living situations.

And it says tourist apartments instead of model villas.

Subtenants included: "The geckos are all here!" And that actually means real scale reptiles, not other model candidates.

While the first mini flat share becomes friends with the Mediterranean animal world, one room further is counted: "Here are four beds, there are four of us.

That fits!

Wasn't there also the Four Musketeers?” Correct.

The model musketeers will probably have a few more episodes of their favorite radio play series “The Four Question Marks” to help them fall asleep.

Heidi Klum also arrives the next morning.

In a trouser suit, as if she had applied to be a juggler at Circus Krone shortly before departure.

Nevertheless, the girls are full of confidence for the first catwalk training.

Kristina, for example, reveals: "I can model, but I've never modeled." Hopefully she can stay for a while, because I definitely don't want to miss her next story: "I'm pregnant, but I've never had sex." That Kristina will give birth to the next son of God in a stable in Bethlehem during the current season, but it is still unlikely.

So Thomas Hayo does not have to be afraid of his role as GNTM Jesus.