No need to spin in Amazonian countries to marvel at the richness of biodiversity.

Resulting from a Franco-German collaboration with Grenouilles Productions (based in Bordeaux and Poitiers), the documentary

Le petit peuple du potager

 reveals all the secrets of a very ordinary vegetable garden.

It will be broadcast for the first time this Saturday at the Utopia cinema in Bordeaux (11 a.m.).

A 52-minute documentary, it is a dive into the heart of the life of a permaculture vegetable garden (without chemicals) in the Poitevin countryside.

The idea is “to immerse yourself in the life of insects, explains Marine Chambon, of Grenouilles Productions, to understand their cycle over a year.

The objective is also to demonstrate that the use of chemicals "can destroy this fragile balance, which must be disturbed as little as possible".

thousand frames per second

Thanks to new macrovideo techniques at a thousand frames per second, “we also see what is invisible to the naked eye”.

The film thus takes us inside burrows, shows butterflies emerging from their cocoons, accompanies the growth of squash in timelapse...

Directed by Guilaine Bergeret and Rémi Rappe, two wildlife documentarians, the film will be broadcast in the spring on Arte.


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