Group NRG Lee Seong-jin (45) is getting married.

On the 10th, Lee Seong-jin posted a handwritten letter to her fans on her personal SNS and announced the marriage news directly, saying, "I'm going to marry."

In the letter, Lee Seong-jin expressed affection for her lover, saying, "I decided to (marry) because he is someone who takes care of my shortcomings and cherishes me more than anyone else."

He continued, "I thought that all of you who have always supported me, who have been poor and lacking for a long time, are my family and will continue to do so in the future." Please pray for happiness."

Lee Seong-jin appeared on tvN's 'Free Doctor M', which aired in November last year, and told about her recent work at a dermatology clinic, and said that she plans to marry a girlfriend who has been dating for 3 years.

Lee Seong-jin's bride-to-be is known to be a non-celebrity.

Lee Seong-jin made his debut as a group Harmo Harmo with Cheon Myung-hoon in 1996, and then re-debuted as a five-member group NRG the following year, joined by Noh Yu-min, Moon Seong-hoon, and Kim Hwan-seong.

NRG released hit songs such as 'I can do it', 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', and 'Hit Song', and was loved not only in Korea but also in China, and was active as the original Hallyu idol.

Lee Seong-jin is a witty and witty character in the entertainment industry, and has been referred to as a 'juggernaut'.

However, since 2009, Lee Seong-jin, who has been involved in fraud, gambling, and drunk driving, has caused a scandal, and with the disappointment of the public, has moved away from the entertainment industry.

He briefly resumed activities in 2017 with the release of an album to commemorate the 20th anniversary of NRG's debut.

But last year, Lee Seong-jin argued that he was bullied by NRG members on a TV show, resulting in a conflict with other members.

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Reporter Kang Seon-ae   

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)