China News Service, Bayannur, February 10 (Reporter Zhang Linhu) The reporter learned from the Bayannur City Public Security Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the 10th that the bureau cracked a large cross-border online gambling case involving more than 2 billion yuan, and arrested 28 suspects.

  In August 2021, the Bayannaoer public security organ discovered a clue related to cross-border online gambling during their work, and immediately set up a task force to investigate.

  In the past 4 months, the task force has basically figured out the organizational structure of the criminal gang and the overall operation process of the gambling website.

  The police found out that the criminal gang headed by Wang Mouhua organized domestic gamblers to conduct cross-border online gambling through the APP, and at the same time had the criminal facts of "running points" and money laundering as an agent for the gambling platform.

Up to the time of the incident, the funds involved in the online gambling platform had reached more than 2 billion yuan.

  It is reported that the criminal gang has a clear division of labor, and the "card head" organizes "card owners" to provide the gang with long-term payment accounts such as bank cards and WeChat, and participate in the flow of water.

The "running points" personnel receive the tasks arranged by "online" through some overseas communication software every day, provide collection and payment services for the gambling platform, and regularly conduct fund settlement with Wang Mouhua, the organizer of the criminal gang.

  In December 2021, the Bayannaoer City Public Security Bureau dispatched more than 100 police officers to be divided into 19 arrest teams to arrest 28 criminal suspects in Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places, and frozen and seized more than 10 million yuan of funds involved in the case. .

  Currently, the case is under further investigation.