Last year, a junior high school girl in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, was found dead in a snow-covered park, and the bereaved family announced a comment saying, "The school does not allow bullying, and I do not know when the investigation will happen. I want you to finish the investigation as soon as possible. "

Sousai Hirose (14 at the time), a second-year junior high school student in Asahikawa, went missing on February 13, last year, leaving her home and died in a snow-covered park about a month later. I found.

Her bereaved family made a comment as Sousai went missing for a year.

In this, "I still spend my days feeling like Sousai will come back someday. I want her to come back to Sousai. I still think so," she continues her current feelings. ..

And, regarding whether there was bullying in the background or that the investigation is underway, "The school does not admit bullying and I do not know when the investigation will happen. I want the investigation to be completed soon and the children involved I want you to speak honestly as it is. "

In addition, she spelled, "I hope that you will realize that bullying drives people to commit suicide because of Sousai," and asked many people to be interested in the problem of bullying. I am.