Saitama Prefecture has requested the government to extend the "priority measures such as prevention of spread", which is due on the 13th of this month, for about three weeks, saying that the spread of the new coronavirus has not been suppressed.

Saitama Prefecture held a prefectural expert meeting on the afternoon of the 8th to ask whether it should extend the priority measures such as the prevention of spread, which is due on the 13th of this month.

After the meeting, Governor Ohno said, "Since January, the general medical ward has been in an extremely difficult situation, and unfortunately there is no decision to cancel it." He made it clear that he requested an extension of about 3 weeks.

In line with this, Governor Ohno told the government that the government should secure sufficient test kits and distribute them preferentially to medical institutions, and in order to accelerate vaccination, an inoculation certification app instead of an inoculation ticket. It is said that he strongly requested that the inoculation be performed using the above.

Governor Ohno said, "Medical care is expected to become even tighter in the future, so we would like to strengthen measures to prevent aggravation and focus on measures for the elderly."