Pfizer's profits double by billions of dollars, and the reason is Corona vaccine sales

Pfizer announced that its annual profits rose to $22 billion, more than twice the level recorded in 2020, and annual revenue nearly doubled to reach $81.3 billion, including $36.8 billion from Corona vaccines.

And “Sputnik” reported that these results are the latest to show how the Corona virus has transformed the business of “Pfizer”, which previously expected to generate only $ 15 billion in sales of “Covid 19” vaccines in 2021, and it ended up selling more than twice that amount.

Pfizer now expects more than $50 billion in 2022 sales of the vaccine and treatment, according to a filing Tuesday, as it sees $32 billion in revenue from the vaccine and $22 billion in revenue from Paxilvid.

"The year 2021 was a turning point for Pfizer. Our successes in leading the fight against Covid not only made a positive difference in the world; I believe they fundamentally changed our company forever," CEO Albert Burla said in the statement.

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