For several weeks,

The Voice of Holland

has been splashed by a sex scandal.

"At present, five complaints against people involved in [telcrochet] have been filed, alleging possible criminal offences", informed the Dutch police in a statement on Monday, adding that "twenty reports were made of inappropriate behavior and possible bullying sexual behavior.”

The show's current season was put on hold last month after allegations of sexual assault. 

In a video posted on YouTube a local broadcaster called BOOS ("anger", in French), a former candidate had notably anonymously accused rapper Ali B, coach in the program, of rape.

19 women had also reported to BOOS about the intimidating sexual behavior of the show's group leader Jeroen Rietbergen, who was the spouse of Linda de Mol, sister of Dutch reality TV pope John de Mol.

Many victims contact the police

The scandal had put the 66-year-old billionaire, at the origin of the show, in the hot seat – since adapted in dozens of countries including France.

Following the BOOS revelations, he admitted to being made aware in 2019 of inappropriate messages sent to a candidate by Jeroen Rietbergen and not having taken action.

Asked about the revelations, John de Mol said he was "shocked" and said "the women apparently have some sort of shame", calling on them to testify.

This exit had been strongly criticized in the Netherlands, de Mol having then been accused of “blaming the victims”.

He had apologized. 

“Over the past few weeks, dozens of victims of possible sexual abuse and/or unwanted sexual behavior have been reported,” not just related to telecrochet, police said. 

Ajax Amsterdam announced on Sunday evening the resignation that ex-star footballer of the Netherlands Marc Overmars from his post as sporting director of the club for having sent “inappropriate messages” to certain colleagues, again arousing strong emotion in the country. 


After "inappropriate messages to women", Marc Overmars leaves Ajax


Bourdin, removed from the antenna of BFMTV, evokes "a unilateral decision"

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