Before the third inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine by the Self-Defense Forces will start at the venue in Osaka from the 7th, a ceremony was held by the people concerned, and State Minister of Defense Oniki will do everything in his power to increase the pace of inoculation. Shown.

Large-scale inoculation by the Self-Defense Forces will begin on the 7th in the "Yagi Building" in Chuo-ku, following Tokyo, which started on the 31st of last month.

On the 6th, State Minister of Defense Oniki visited the venue and told medical officers of the Self-Defense Forces and private nurses who are in charge of inoculation, "In the situation where infection with Omicron strain is spreading rapidly, it is necessary to further increase the pace of inoculation. However, I hope that all the members and private businesses will work together to inoculate the desired people. "

At this venue, Moderna's vaccine will be used, and 960 people will be vaccinated per day, but reservations for 7 days to 1 week have already been filled.

In addition, reservations for one week from the 14th next week will be accepted from 6 pm on the 7th on the dedicated site, LINE, and by phone.

Mr. Taizo Horii, the officer in charge of the Osaka venue of the Self-Defense Forces, said, "We want to give top priority to the safety and security of those who come to the vaccination and support the third vaccination."