Who invented it?

The Swiss.

They have - allegedly scientifically - examined which mask colors customer advisors should wear in order to do well professionally.

Corona dress code is done, we have long known how sports clothes can be pimped up telegenic, have emergency blazers or “cheaters”, i.e. a botched collar without a shirt attachment, ready for the video call.

All snow from yesterday.

So now the ultimate mask theory.

What was to be expected: Masks that cover half the face make people less likeable.

From a marketing point of view, however, masks offer an advantage: the masked consultant automatically appears more competent.

The customer's brain associates capable doctors and surgeons with it.

In addition, the customer is less distracted by facial expressions and the focus is more on the content of the conversation.

Ursula Kals

Editor in business, responsible for "Youth writes".

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Now for the color: you should avoid yellow, green and orange, all too emotional.

The best choices are white and light blue masks, the second best is dark blue and black, which increase "emotional competence perception".

Legions of students seem to know this intuitively.

They wear black, which will be due to the "Star Wars" cult and group feeling rather than federal studies.

Colorful patterns were not examined;

looks good on few, but makes you happy.

Rosa is also said to be okay and is in the middle of the field in terms of competence.

The neighbor will not confirm this.

In the hectic morning he reached for his daughter's spare pink mask.

"I think it's good, suits you," compliments hailed from astonished colleagues.

"Now don't exaggerate with your diversity scam," etches another.

Pink makes you nimble.