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Amazon Prime unveiled this Thursday several posters representing the characters of the future series

The Rings of Power. 

This production derived from the universe of British author JRR Tolkien will return to the legends of Middle-earth.

The action will be set in the Second Age and will focus on the history of the rings, their creation and their use by different peoples.

Of course, dwarves, elves and humans will be there.

'LOTR: The Rings of Power' gets an enigmatic set of character posters 💍🗡

—Fandom (@getFANDOM) February 3, 2022

Twenty-three characters represented

A total of 23 different characters are represented on these mysterious posters.

Their face does not appear.

Only hands are visible holding an object.

Each object is certainly a clue to the character's identity and fans have had a blast on social media.

More than forty names make up the cast, some of whom have appeared in the credits of other hit shows, including 

Game of Thrones

, notes



An episode will air every Friday on Amazon's streaming platform from September 2022.


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