CAN 2022: the debrief of the elimination of Cameroon by Egypt in the semi-finals

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A Cameroonian player on the ground under the eyes of Egyptian midfielder Ramadan Shobi (L) and Pharaohs coach Carlos Queiroz (R), this Thursday evening (February 3, 2022) at the Olembe stadium in Yaoundé.

© Pierre René-Worms/RFI

By: Annie Gasnier Follow |

Christophe Champin Follow

Radio Foot internationale, 2nd live broadcast: back to the second semi-final of the Cameroonian CAN, which opposed the Indomitable Lions to the Pharaohs, a remake of the final of the 2017 tournament. And the elimination of Cameroon by Egypt.

Debrief short version, due to match overtime.

With Annie Gasnier: Philippe Doucet, Freddhy Koula and Chérif Ghemmour.

Technique/Direction: Laurent Salerno/Valentin Alvès - Coordination: David Fintzel.

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