Actor Lee Sang-yoon has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Lee Sang-yoon's agency, J-Wide Company, said today (29th), "Lee Sang-yoon tested positive on this day and is self-isolating at home and has no serious symptoms."

It is known that Lee Sang-yoon had even been vaccinated with a second vaccine.

Her performance in 'The Last Session', in which Lee Sang-yoon is starring with Oh Young-soo and Shin-gu, has also been canceled.

The 'Last Session' side said, "The performance from the 29th to the 31st will be canceled due to the confirmed corona 19 of an actor who is appearing."

For 'Last Session', yesterday's performance was also canceled because one of the staff tested positive for the rapid antigen.

He added, "As a result of testing by other actors and staff, all of them have been negative so far."

Meanwhile, as of 00:00 today, with the number of new corona19 confirmed at 17,000, the highest ever recorded, musical actors Seo Kyung-soo, Park Kang-hyeon, and Jeong Seon-ah tested positive, and the red light was lit in the performance world.

(Photo = provided by J-Wide Company, Yonhap News)