How about enjoying 'non-face-to-face cultural life' with your loved ones this Lunar New Year holiday?

It is news that national cultural institutions such as the National Theater of Korea and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea have prepared well for non-face-to-face exhibitions and performances to mark the Lunar New Year holiday in 2022.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, together with the Korean Cultural Information Service, announced that before and after the Lunar New Year holidays (Jan.

<National Theater Company> Full selection of 'Korean Realism Representative' plays

· The story of the people of a small island village in the 1960s

· A sad record of those who live in the sea at the end of the land where there is no longer any place to retreat


A small town in the South Sea.

Upon hearing the news that the sea is full of shoals (boguchi), the sailor moray eel confidently floats the boat.

The moray eel has finally returned to the manseon that he had dreamed of.

However, without even rejoicing, all the departments they took over fall into debt, and to make matters worse, ship owner Im Je-sun asserts that he will never be able to hand over the ship unless he pays off the remaining debt.

Tired of her poverty and anxiety, his wife Gupo-daek persuades her husband to quit her fisherman job and start anew, but the moray eel goes to the rough seas with her son, guaranteeing that the fish will be full again...

The National Theater Company will release the play 'Manseon' through an online theater.

'Manseon' by playwright Cheon Seung-se was the winner of the National Theater Company Prize Competition in 1964 and is called 'the representative work of Korean realism', which depicts the common people in the 1960s through the story of the moray eel family living in a small island village.

'Manseon', a work familiar to us as it was produced as a film in 1967 and was given as a problem in the language area of ​​the University Scholastic Ability Test in 2008, will be staged again through the National Theater Company's online theater.

The play was filmed at the end of September 2021, and you can experience a more realistic play by transferring the actual play to the video.

<National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art> Meet Park Soo-geun, 'Korea's Millet' at home!


In the 'Online Exhibition Hall' on the website of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, you can meet the works of western painter Park Soo-geun (1914-1965), who wanted to portray the goodness and truth of human beings.

Also known as the 'Korean Millet', his representative works include 'Tree', 'Peach', 'The Old Man and the Girl', and 'Laundry Room'. It is also famous for being modeled after the real painter Park Soo-geun.

This online exhibition closely examines the texture and form of Park Soo-geun's work as if viewing a real exhibition.

In addition, the sign language exhibition commentary of 'Park Soo-geun, a tree waiting for spring', which is currently in progress, is also being conducted online.

<Korea Cultural Information Service> 200 seconds to enjoy Korea's UNESCO-listed heritage series

The Korean Cultural Information Service provides a video content service of 'Korea's UNESCO-listed heritage enjoyed in 200 seconds' through the cultural portal.

'Korea's UNESCO-listed heritages enjoyed in 200 seconds' is a content that focuses on exploring the reasons why our cultural heritage has been registered with UNESCO and reflects on the value of the world-recognized cultural heritage of Korea.

In this video, star Korean history instructor Tae-Sung Choi appears and explains cultural heritage, and it is made into short-form content (short video of about 10 minutes) that takes about 200 seconds to explain.

In addition, ▲ Korea Creative Content Agency's 'Gwanghwa Pungryu' ▲ Cultural Heritage Administration's special exhibition 'Forbidden City Yeonhwa' commemorating the 30th anniversary of the excavation and restoration of Gyeongbokgung ▲ National Treasure Banga Thought Award 'Room of Thought', etc. This is in progress, and more details can be found on the 'Culture Life at Home (' page.

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