Scams by SMS, email or phone call have multiplied in 2021 in France.

They are also increasingly varied and affect sectors of daily life.

In search of answers, nearly 2.5 million French people consulted the site in 2021. The main objective of the crooks would be to recover the personal data of their victims, reports


this Friday


“Around 2.5 million visitors visited in 2021. 1.3 million of them […] went there to view content relating to phishing,” explained Jean-Jacques Latour, one of the platform managers, write our colleagues.

The very fashionable CPF scam

One of the latest scams of the moment would be that concerning the Personal Training Account (CPF).

Since 2019, 14,300 people have been victims of this scam which consists of recovering training rights by registering the person for different courses, without any real interest or legitimacy.

The damage would be estimated at 16 million euros, specifies the economic site.

Other scams are also well known to everyone, such as those involving pretending to be a parcel delivery company, or those concerning health insurance or Social Security.

False accusations of child pornography, sent on behalf of the Juvenile Brigade, have also claimed many victims.

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