The Supreme Court has decided to dismiss the appeal of former member of the Toyama City Council, Kazuhisa Murakami, who was accused of fraud for deceiving state affairs expenses, and the sentence of 1 year in prison and 4 years of suspended sentence will be finalized. I did.

Kazuhisa Murakami (60), a former Toyama city council member and former chairman, said that he paid for printing a public relations magazine from 2011 to 2014. He was accused of fraud for deceiving more than 10,000 yen.

The former chairman insisted that he was not guilty of "not a fictitious claim", but the first trial sentenced him to one year's imprisonment and four years' suspended sentence, and the second trial's Nagoya High Court Kanazawa branch also said, "In the statement of the former chairman. There are many mysterious points, and the contents of the receipt are found to be false. "

The former chairman appealed, but Koichi Kusano, the judge of the Supreme Court's Second Small Court, decided to dismiss by the 28th, and the conviction with suspended sentence was confirmed.