• Italy Italy studies not to inoculate AstraZeneca to those under 60 years of age after the death of a vaccinated 18-year-old girl

Medical staff at


hospital knew that

Camilla Canepa

, the 18-year-old who died in June after vaccination, had received the first dose of



This follows from the statements of the doctors before the prosecutors

Francesca Rombolà


Stefano Puppo

, who together with the prosecutor

Francesco Pinto

investigate the death of the student on June 10 due to a thrombosis.

The prosecutors took a statement from the doctors to verify why the clinical documentation of the first hospitalization did not indicate that the young woman had received the Anglo-Swedish vaccine.

According to the girl's parents, they notified him at the same time of admission.

In addition, the investigation revealed that

Ella Camilla

sent a message to an acquaintance saying that she was admitted to the hospital "for the vaccine".

However, the unknown remains as to why it was not recorded in the clinical history.

A crucial detail: when


became ill, there were already guidelines to diagnose this type of adverse reaction to the vaccine.


received the vaccine on May 25 and on June 3 she went to


hospital with a very bad headache and photosensitivity.

She was discharged the next day, after a CT scan without contrast, despite her platelets falling sharply.

He returned to the same hospital on June 5 in serious condition due to



She was transferred to the San Martino




, she had an operation on her head, but she died on June 10.

In the second admission to the


hospital, vaccination was indicated.

The thrombosis was diagnosed after a computed tomography with contrast liquid.

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