[Explanation] The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching, and it is an important matter for overseas Chinese all over the world to prepare a reunion dinner.

In Southeast Asia, especially Singapore and Malaysia, tasting "Hainan Chicken Rice" is a traditional custom for many Chinese people to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

  [Explanation] Hainanese chicken rice was gradually produced during the migration of Hainanese to Nanyang.

Chicken rice has evolved from a common local food in Hainan to a specialty food of overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, and finally became the "national dish" of Singapore and Malaysia. After more than a century, what is the password for Hainanese chicken rice to become popular in Southeast Asia?

What are the implications for cross-cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries?

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  Most of the Hainanese overseas immigrants settled in Southeast Asia.

Hainanese chicken rice was originally a staple in their family, and later became their means of earning a living in Malaysia and Singapore.

As more and more Hainanese immigrate overseas to Singapore and Malaysia, more and more Hainanese are also engaged in the business of making chicken rice.

In this context, Hainanese chicken rice is popular in Singapore and Malaysia, so its commercial value continues to increase.

  [Explanation] Since the 1970s, the tourism industry in Southeast Asia and other countries has flourished.

The catering industry is the pillar industry of tourism.

Countries such as Singapore and Malaysia continue to recognize the international value of the locally popular Hainanese chicken rice, and have successively defined it as their "national dish".

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  In recent years, in the face of fierce market competition, the degree of commercialization of Hainanese chicken rice has continued to increase.

Chicken rice operators are constantly innovating and exploring new functions to meet the new needs of consumers and the times.

Through the continuous transformation of structure and function, not only the traditional (food) culture can be passed on smoothly, but also the vigorous development of Hainanese chicken rice (culture) is realized.

  [Explanation] Hainanese chicken rice is based on Wenchang chicken in Hainan.

Wenchang Chicken ranks first among the four major delicacies in Hainan.

Zhang Shuoren, dean of the Nationalities College of Hainan Tropical Ocean University and a professor at Hainan University, said that in Hainan's mainstream culture, "no chicken can't be a feast", and a banquet without this dish will be called "a talk without chicken".

  【同期】海南热带海洋学院民族学院院长、海南大学教授 张朔人

  The earliest record of Wenchang chicken should be found in Ma Ribing's "Kangxi Wenchang County Chronicle".

As a bird, chicken has a very high status in Hainan. "No feast without chicken" is a common saying in Hainan.

Among the sacrifices to the ancestors, there must be chickens.


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