China News Service, Nujiang, January 27 (Yang Quan) Recently, snow continued to fall in the high-altitude area of ​​Pianma Town, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The local traffic police joined forces with multiple departments to form an assault team, which took 9 hours to climb over the Fengxueya with an altitude of more than 3,000 meters. mouth, and sent 29 horse students with business cards home safely.

  In the past few days, the continuous snowfall of Gaoligong Mountain has caused the snow depth near Fengxueyakou to reach more than 120 cm, causing the suspension of road passenger vehicles. Many students who pass through Fengxueyakou of Gaoligong Mountain cannot return home normally.

In order to let the students go home safely, the Traffic Police Brigade of the Lushui City Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau and Pianma Town have researched and formulated escort plans and routes in a timely manner.

The picture shows the traffic police escorting students through Fengxueyakou.

Photo by Yang Quan

  "Before organizing the escort of the students, we conducted a serious investigation of the snow conditions on the jump road, and carefully checked the conditions and drivers of the 10 off-road vehicles escorted today." Deputy Chief of the Traffic Police Brigade of Lushui City Public Security Bureau Wang Wenshan said.

  After surveying the snow conditions, 10 off-road vehicles carrying 29 horse-born students drove slowly on the snowy jumping road from time to time.

The assault team sometimes stopped to check the condition of the car, put on snow chains, and sometimes shoveled snow to clear the way.

After 9 hours, at 9 o'clock in the evening, 29 students from the business card Ma arrived safely in Pianma, and got off the bus with their suitcases to reunite with their parents.

  Liu Xingxing, a student from Lushui No. 1 Middle School, said, "There was a lot of snow on the way back this time, and there were many difficulties along the way, especially when the car slipped. But the uncles and aunts of the traffic police were always with us." (End)