An amazing discovery that could stop the death of human cells

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have come up with a new way to stop the process of cell death, a condition previously thought to be irreversible after it has occurred, that is, it cannot be stopped in any way after it has started.

In their new study, the researchers found, during their analysis of a type of inflammation, a new and practical way to stop the death of cells that usually occur due to infection and lead to severe infections throughout the human body.

According to the study, which was reported by “Sputnik” agency in the scientific journal “Nature Communications”, these results mean that scientists have a new way to study diseases that are associated with defects in the processes of cell death, such as some types of cancers and infections that can be complicated by external inflammation. Control caused by this process, such as "Covid 19" disease to name a few.

“Methods of examining myotoxin mechanisms in living cells are difficult to control because they are initiated by essentially unpredictable pathogens, which in turn It has different effects in cells and people."

The researchers applied this tool and used fluorescent imaging technology to precisely activate gasdermin in cell experiments and observe the pores under different conditions, and discovered that certain conditions caused the pores to close within only tens of seconds, such as certain concentrations of calcium ions.

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