(New Year's Day)

  China News Service, Shenyang, January 25th (Li Wei Gongxu) Roasted carp with green onions, roasted duck kidney with mushrooms, fried beef with celery, stewed cabbage with ribs, steamed dumplings, pot-wrapped meat... January 25, the lunar calendar The 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month is the "little year" in the north.

That night, the table of Mr. Liu's house, a citizen of Shenyang, was filled with delicious food, and the family had a full sense of ceremony on the New Year's Eve.

  It is understood that in order to enrich the lives of citizens during the Spring Festival, meet the needs of catering, do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control, and create an online festival consumption atmosphere, the Shenyang Internet Information Office and the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce are guided by the Shenyang Internet Development Federation. , the 2022 "Shengjing Family Banquet" online promotion event jointly organized by Shenyang Food Culture Research Association is being held here.

2022 "Shengjing Family Banquet" dish - Qianlong cabbage.

Photo by Ma Xiao

  This activity is based on the needs of family gatherings during the epidemic, and aims to meet the needs of citizens for catering during festivals through an online and offline linkage model.

  During the event, Shenyang Internet Development Federation, Shenyang Food Culture Research Association and other industry associations played the role of bridge between the government and enterprises, and organized the launch of the list of more than 400 catering companies in 9 regions with takeaway qualifications, brands and reputations. , to provide citizens with a variety of semi-finished and finished products with richer categories, more affordable prices, and more diverse delivery methods.

Citizens can choose to pick up the New Year's Eve meal package at the store or make an appointment to deliver it to the door, avoiding the hidden dangers caused by crowd gathering.

2022 "Shengjing Family Banquet" dish - chicken stewed with mushrooms.

Photo by Ma Xiao

  "Compared with 2021, the number of businesses in Shengjing Family Banquet this year has nearly tripled compared to last year." Ma Xiao, secretary general of Shenyang Food Culture Research Association, said in an interview with reporters that special dishes and New Year gift boxes will also be added in 2022 Merchants, accounting for more than one-third of the number of merchants.

  Ma Xiao said that the "Shengjing Family Banquet" applet needs to be put forward in particular. Through the automatic generation of posters and one-click dialing functions, merchants can publicize and display in their customer base and private domain traffic such as circle of friends. The poster of the dimensional code has photos of the main dishes, as well as the name, address and contact number of the store, which is simple and clear at a glance.

2022 "Shengjing Family Banquet" dish - Xuemian Bean Paste.

Photo by Ma Xiao

  "From childhood to the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, our restaurant is fully booked," said Wang Peng, general manager of Laobian Dumpling Restaurant.

It is reported that some time-honored catering companies have launched various New Year's Eve meal packages, which are specially developed by the chef team.

The variety is rich, including hot dishes, cold dishes, dim sum, sauces, casserole, hot pot and other types.

The New Year's Eve set meal is carefully matched, and the most popular "popular models" in the restaurant with the highest order rate are selected and collected in one box.

Fresh ingredients, healthier and safer to eat.

  Zhang Naifang, operation director of Wang Houyuan Catering Group, told reporters: "After the launch of 'Shengjing Family Banquet', more people knew Wang Houyuan, and the number of orders also increased significantly. At present, the most popular among the citizens is the 888 yuan New Year's Eve set meal." "Jingjia Banquet" uses online ordering and offline delivery to open up a new world for time-honored catering companies, and also allows citizens to eat delicious and assured New Year's Eve dinner at home.

  It is understood that there are also catering companies that have launched various promotional activities online and offline simultaneously, and linked high-quality merchants on the platform to provide high-quality and convenient New Year's Eve home service for citizens.

The New Year's Eve package purchase channels are abundant, and the offline stores of catering companies are all sold, and some corporate headquarters will also launch customized packages.

Online channels are basically open, and citizens can place orders for home delivery through the "Shengjing Family Banquet" applet.