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The day has come, the Benidorm Fest 2022 is here with its first semifinal to choose the Spanish representative who will attend


this year . Although the bets seem to clearly give an advantage to Tanxugueiras and Rigoberta Bandini, the first rehearsal has already left some surprises like the irruption of

Blanca Paloma

, who could become the big surprise of the night with her

Secreto de agua.

A night in which Blanca Paloma



themselves will compete for four places in the final


Secreto de agua



Varry Brava

, with


Azúcar Moreno

and his


of him;


boy band


with its theme


and the urban





Seventh place was reserved for Luna Ki and her

From her I'm going from her to die

before she dropped out for not being able to use


on her performance.

The gala, which will last 70 minutes, will be presented by

Alaska, Máximo Huerta


Inés Hernand

and will feature the winner of Eurovision 2017, the Portuguese Salvador Sobral, and the Asturian band Marlon as special guests.

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The public is already waiting for the start of the gala

People already pack the Palacio de los Deportes de Benidorm before the first semifinal of the Benidorm Fest begins.

Glittery jackets, blonde wigs... Don't leave a single accessory at home for the occasion

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From Raphael to Julio Iglesias or the Dynamic Duo

In its early years, the Benidorm Festival would end up hosting greats of Spanish song like Raphael, Julio Iglesias or the Dynamic Duo.

Karina, Victor Manuel or Los Gritos also passed through its stage

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The Benidorm Fest returns to TVE 25 years later

After 25 years of hiatus, the Bernidorm Fest will return to TVE to elect the representative of Eurovision 2022. The city of Alicante will recover a tradition that it had lost with the fall from grace of some galas that in their beginnings at the end of the 50s brought together the avant-garde musical.

In 2006, there was a last edition that only broadcast Channel 9

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Blanca Paloma surprises in rehearsals

One of the great surprises of the rehearsal for the first semifinal was

Blanca Paloma

from Elche with her

Secreto del agua,

which served as the soundtrack for the TVE documentary series,

Lucía en la spider web.

With an imposing voice and a sober staging, she aims to be one of the revelations of the first semifinal

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Tanxunguerias, the great favorites

The Galicians start as the big favorites in this first semifinal, according to all the polls among eurofans.

"Starting as favorites is a much greater responsibility because, in the two semifinals, there are very powerful groups," they stated in an interview hours before their performance in EL MUNDO

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As the first fans begin to enter the Palacio de Deportes L'Illa de Benidorm for the first semi-final, we will go over the voting system for this first semi-final.

Of the six candidates, only two will finally be left out of the grand final on Saturday.

To choose the four classifieds, the evaluation of the jury made up of

Natalia Calderón, Miryam Benedited and Estefanía García, Dietmann and Félix Bergsson

will be taken into account, which will count 50%.

The remaining 50% corresponds to the public - 25% by phone calls and SMS and 25% by choice of a demographic jury of



representing the Spanish population.

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