KBS is pushing for the Guinness World Records listing of 'National Singing Contest' host and broadcaster Song Hae (96).

KBS announced on the 25th that it will challenge the Guinness World Record to be recognized by confirming that Song Hae, the oldest MC of the nation's longest-running TV song program 'National Singing Contest', is the world's best record.

The name of the Guinness World Record challenge category is 'Oldest TV music talent show host', and the challenge application has been officially confirmed after a basic review by the Guinness Association.

Currently, we are collecting relevant data according to the screening guidelines provided by the Guinness Society of England.

Song Hae, the oldest active broadcaster in Korea, was born in 1927 and debuted through the Changgong Music Theater in 1955.

He is widely known as the oldest host in Korea, but if he is registered in the Guinness World Records, he will be certified as an achievement that will widely publicize the potential of Korean entertainment programs to world broadcasters.

[Photo courtesy of KBS]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)